What is the easiest instrument to learn?

These musical instruments are easy to play for you!

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This article includes everything about what the easiest instrument to learn is. There are a lot of musical instruments nowadays. Many people think it’s very difficult to learn a new instrument. Furthermore, they think that music lessons are required in order to understand the instrument.

This is not true, and I would like to walk you through some easy-to-play instruments. It’s not too late to start practicing, and you can even become healthier from playing an instrument. Below I explain about some instruments that are the easiest to learn.

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What is the easiest instrument to learn: the good old piano

Who isn’t familiar with this instrument? It’s probably the most famous music instrument today. Some people used to play this musical instrument at school when they were young. The piano has a wide range of keys, which makes it much more fun to play with. It’s also possible to change the sound of the piano, if needed. Digital keyboards come with software, which offers a lot of other cool sounds. Some examples are: strings, organ and grand type sounds.

Did you know that one of the benefits of playing piano is the relief of stress? It is proven that playing piano reduces the amount of stress symptoms. Moreover, it gives a relaxed mind, and it has huge benefits for your brain.

It’s possible to play a lot of songs. You can start by playing some classics, such as: ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ or ‘Jingle Bells’. These songs are very easy to learn and don’t require any skills. If you are more experienced, you can learn other songs, like: ‘Taio – Dynamite’ or ‘Ed Sheeran – I See Fire’.

If you want to learn more about the piano, I highly recommend you the virtual piano course from Harry Connick jr. He won several Grammy Awards for his performances and sold more than 28 million albums worldwide. Connick discusses several topics about the piano in his course. He not only talks about playing chords, but also about music theory and sheet music. The interactive lessons are designed in a funny and easy way to learn.

Drumming away on an electronic drum kit

Another musical instrument that is easy to learn, is an electronic drum kit. It’s the perfect setup for beginning drummers. Now you’re wondering: why an electronic drum kit? That’s because these drum kits are more quiet. You can simply plug in headphones, so neighbors or roommates won’t get offended by your drumming.

Electronic drum kits sound great and have a lot of sounds to choose from. There are training tools, such as metronomes and lessons. These will help you to get the right feeling of hitting the beat at the right time.

It’s also a great way to release some anger. Simply grab your sticks and start drumming away. You will feel much better after it. Once you start to learn new beats, it gets pretty addictive.

Acoustic drum kits are much more expensive and noisier, what makes it less pleasant for a beginner. Furthermore, acoustic drum kits are a lot bigger compared to electronic ones. If you want to get started with drumming, go with electronic drum kits. These kits are very beginner-friendly and easy to set up at home.

The pocket musical instrument: harmonica

The harmonica is probably one of the easiest musical instruments to learn. It’s very compact and user-friendly. You can take it everywhere, this way it’s the perfect musical instrument when on the move.

Everyone can generate sound with the harmonica. All you need to do is blow inside the holes. When you do this, it creates musical chords. It’s important to control your breath, so the sound doesn’t get annoying. Tutorials are found everywhere, and it’s quite fun to play around with this musical instrument. You can start with easy songs and move up to more difficult ones.

Practice makes perfect, and it’s possible to fully learn the harmonica in three months. When you practice even more, it’s very much possible to master your skills in six to twelve months. Your technique will improve significantly, and you’re able to play bending notes as well.

A compactible guitar: ukulele

This musical instrument is like a small guitar. It’s a bit larger than the harmonica, but still easy to carry around. The ukulele comes in different sizes and sharps. Not only that, but they also have different patterns and type of woods. The standard size of the ukulele is around 53 cm (21 inches), but you can go for bigger sizes.

Just like the harmonica, the ukulele is pretty easy to play. Simply play some chords when enjoying your cup of coffee on the couch. The ukulele has only four chords, what makes this musical instrument easy to learn. Once you’ve learned the four chords, it gets pretty enjoyable to play all day long.

The ukulele has nylon strings, that make it more comfortable for smaller people. Moreover, the strings aren’t as hard as steel ones. This makes it much pleasant for your fingers when playing. These nylon strings generate a more mellow, and softer sound, this makes it the perfect sound for some relaxation.

Musical instruments are a really good investment. Not only will it stimulate your inspiration, but also reduces stress. You can also find more information about the right investments for your musical career on my website.

The classic recorder

Remember the wooden recorder from elementary school? Chances are, you had to learn it back in the early days once you were a child. It is the first instrument that is introduced to children during music class. Why was that? Because the recorder is an easy musical instrument to learn. Furthermore, it is a very good instrument to get started with, and it is a cheap instrument for schools.

Did you know that some schools have national standard guidelines? This means schools need to teach a melodic instrument to the children. Most schools don’t have much money to spend on musical instruments. That’s why most of us got to play on recorders. Because these instruments are pretty cheap, and fulfill the need for the required guidelines.

It is very easy to learn the recorder. Luckily, you don’t need to read sheet music for this type of musical instrument. I highly recommend starting playing the soprano or alto recorder. Furthermore, the alto recorder is an excellent choice for playing in a group.

Stand up straight

Good posture is essential when playing the recorder. It is recommended to use a music stand for music books. It’s important to stand up straight when playing the recorder. That way, your shoulders and neck won’t get too much strain when looking downward. Keep the muscles in your shoulders, back and neck relaxed, so you’re breathing correctly. Pick your recorder with your left hand at the top of the instrument, because this is the correct use of it.

Breathing comfortably is really important when playing the recorder. Start by exhaling air deep into your belly. Once your belly is filled, release the air in the same way you would blow up a balloon. Once you understand this part, pick up the recorder and exhale air into your belly, as practiced. Now put the recorder on your lips and release it through the instrument. You should hear a tonal sound coming from it.

Now that you’ve got that under control, start by making an ‘OK’ sign with your left hand. Apply this technique to the thumb hole of the recorder. Keep in mind that you need to put your finger on the back hole as well as the first hole. Start playing the recorder, and you should hear the ‘B’ note.

Start off by learning some easy songs such as, ‘Macdonald had a farm’, or ‘twinkle, twinkle, little star’. Both of these songs are easy to play as they don’t have much notes going on. These are also the songs you had to learn in elementary school. It is pretty common that schools and music teachers teach these songs to beginners. It is very easy to understand for these people and they can move up to more experienced songs.

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