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This Playground Sessions review is written to give you all the information you need. Piano melodies are very sweet and they can mesmerize anyone very easily. For this reason, the piano is a musical instrument worth learning. You can start a musical career by learning this instrument. However, finding a good piano teacher close by is not possible for everyone.

Fortunately, learning has become very easy through online platforms. These days, you can learn to play this musical instrument with the help of an online piano teacher. Whether you are an adult or a kid, you can easily learn to play the piano through Playground Sessions. Let’s learn some benefits you get from the best online piano course.

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What is Playground Sessions?

Playground Sessions is an online platform created to teach piano in a fun and easy way. You can choose from a lot of different songs, and the platform offers an app as well. That way, you can practice piano everywhere you go. Furthermore, it is possible to start practicing with your favorite artists, such as: Adele, The Weeknd, and even Hans Zimmer.

The content is endless, and you will have access to video lessons on a 24/7 basis. Moreover, the platform rewards you with a score, and it gives you feedback on your practices as well. There are three levels to choose from, and the genres vary from classical, pop to country.

It is possible to purchase a bundle with musical equipment. This means that you will receive a keyboard with a stand and headphones from Playground Sessions, including the subscription. This is a huge benefit, and why I believe it is the best online piano course.

Credential of keyboard teachers

You would be happy to know that music legend Quincy Jones has worked on this online piano learning platform. He has put his years of musical experience to work to develop it, to provide the best online piano lessons for adults. Along with him, a celebrity piano keyboard teacher team also gives digital piano lessons through this platform.

playground sessions review quincy jones
Music legend Quincy Jones

For this reason, this online piano learning platform has gained the best reviews from everyone. Now, you can join this online piano learning platform from any part of the world. That way, you can learn piano from the comfort of your home. Here, the digital piano lessons are fun and designed for every type of person. This makes it the best website to learn piano.

Many people believe that the piano is a difficult musical instrument that needs decade-long practice to learn. However, this myth about piano is completely false. You can further read this Playground Sessions review and see how quickly people learn piano.

If you practice this musical instrument with dedication and devote a couple of hours to it every day, then you can master it as well. Your hard work and dedication will decide how fast you learn piano playing.

Why most people are joining Playground Sessions for piano lessons?

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of playing piano. It has a positive impact on the brain, and it improves your memory. Moreover, it relieves diseases, such as: insomnia, depression, and stress.

Playing piano is a full brain workout. It requires a lot of concentration and multitasking from your left- and right hemisphere. These two parts of your brain work together to focus on playing an instrument. This means that playing piano is beneficial for your health.

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Start playing piano in a fun & easy way!

Playground Sessions

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Learn piano at your time

Devoting time to learning piano is challenging for many people. Due to this reason, many people who are studying or doing a job fail to learn piano through conventional classes. Online keyboard classes alleviate this problem completely. Now, you can attend piano class at your convenient time.

So, it doesn’t matter what job you do, you will get time for piano lessons. Thanks to this online piano lesson platform, many people who are doing jobs are learning this musical instrument. Now, you can easily use your free time to learn piano lessons.

Three levels of piano learning

On this platform, you will find three levels of piano lessons. These levels are rookie, intermediate, and advanced levels. The online beginner piano lessons for adults will be suitable for you if you are new to piano playing. However, you can also choose advanced or intermediate levels if you are familiar with piano playing.

Through this online piano learning platform, everyone can improve their piano playing skills. This piano learning platform is also suitable for kids. These days, many kids are learning piano through this platform. Simple piano lessons help children learn piano playing very effectively.

Track learning progress

Many people teach piano, but they never show how the students are doing. As a result, students fail to understand their piano lesson progress. This piano learning platform also lets you track your progress. So, you can easily understand how you are learning and where you need to put more effort.

It is very helpful when you enroll your children in this piano learning platform. At the Playground Sessions online platform, you can easily see how your children learn piano lessons. As a result, you can help your children with piano lessons.

Spend less money on piano courses

Conventional piano learning courses are very expensive and you may need to spend a lot of money on these courses. Thanks to the Playground Sessions online platform, you can now learn piano without spending much. Here, piano lessons are so affordable that anyone can easily take these lessons.

You would be happy to know that online piano classes come in three budget-friendly packages. Therefore, you can pick any of them according to your financial status. Here, piano learning is fun without any financial burden. Due to this reason, this platform has become very popular among piano learners.

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Start playing piano in a fun & easy way!

Playground Sessions

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One-on-One piano learning

Many people hesitate to take an online piano course, because they believe that they won’t get enough support from the tutor. However, the Playground Sessions online platform is completely different and you will get one-on-one piano learning support from the instructor.

The piano instructors will monitor your piano play regularly and give you many pieces of advice for improvement. For this reason, you will learn piano very fast. Only a few online musical instrument institutes offer this type of facility. Here, you will grasp piano playing very fast and your piano playing skills will improve day by day.

Can adults learn piano fast?

Contrary to popular belief piano playing is not that difficult. All you need is a little dedication and the right guidance to master piano playing. You would be happy to know that the online platform has both online piano lessons for adults and children.

Despite your age, you can learn piano at any age. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, because you will learn piano very fast. I would recommend to just start practicing piano with dedication. You would be astonished to know that many people in their mid fifty have used this platform to learn piano playing. This is why it offers the best piano lessons for adults.

How much time need to learn piano online?

Learning piano takes practice and devotion. The more time you spend on piano lessons and practice, the faster you will learn. Piano lessons are fun and you can master them easily within a couple of weeks. After becoming proficient with beginner-level piano playing, you can try intermediate-level piano lessons.

During this period, you will get five new piano melody lessons per month. It will only take you a few months to master all these melodies. Then you can move forward to advanced-level piano lessons. The platform gives you advice and motivation from their piano teachers.

What is the price for Playground Sessions?

The online platform has two plans to get started with. The first one is the membership option, which costs around $17.99 – $289.99. The difference is the amount of free songs you will be able to play each month. The cheapest membership offers 5 free songs each month, and the most expensive option gives you all the songs.

The family plan offers lifetime and annual subscriptions. It is possible to get started with a two-person membership, and you can have a maximum of five persons. These memberships cost around $179.88 – $639.99. Once purchased, Playground Sessions emails you the activation code. The family plans gives each person their own account, so everyone can start tracking their progress, without interrupting the others.

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Start playing piano in a fun & easy way!

Playground Sessions

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Reviews of other users

Many adults and children want to play an instrument. The piano is pretty popular and is gaining a lot of attraction. I have collected some reviews of Playground Sessions users to give you a better understanding of the experience of others.

Product overview

  • Huge grammy award musicians are working with Playground Sessions
  • Online video lessons 24/7
  • Reward & Score system
  • One-on-one piano learning support
  • Multiple levels of learning (Keeps it interesting)
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Content is slowly added
  • Not working with Android devices

The ultimate Playground Sessions review you needed!

Playground Sessions is, in my opinion, the best website to learn piano. It offers great support, and you have plenty of video lessons to choose from. The platform has different levels of practicing, which keeps you wanting to learn more. Furthermore, it rewards you for completing piano lessons, and gives you a score.

Keep in mind that Playground Sessions is not available for Android devices. However, a solution would be to use the desktop version instead.

The virtual piano course offers a free trial for 14 days, and you don’t need a credit card. It is up to you if you want to buy Playground Sessions. They offer lots of different payment methods, such as: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Moreover, the virtual piano course has a 30-day money back guarantee. They will refund your money if you are not satisfied with your experience. This means you have nothing to lose, and can cancel at anytime within the period.

Playground Sessions has three different plans, which consist of: monthly, annual, and lifetime. It is possible to cancel your account at any moment, without restrictions.

All memberships include hours of video tutorials, progress charts, scores, off-line mode for computers. Furthermore, it has “playing chords” courses, and many more. This makes it, in my opinion, worth buying Playground Sessions.

I hope my Playground Sessions review gave you a more in-depth guide about its service. Furhermore, the reviews of Playground Sessions users should help you in making the right decision. Finally, I have summed up the most asked questions about the platform, which can be found below.

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Start playing piano in a fun & easy way!

Playground Sessions

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Frequently asked questions about Playground Sessions

Read everything about the most common questions people have about the Playground Sessions review. Moreover, you’ll discover my advice below.

Is Playground Sessions good enough for me?

I recommend the virtual piano course to beginners. The video lessons are designed from scratch to teach you the basics of piano and music. If you are a professional piano player, you won’t learn much from the online platform.

Does Playground Sessions teach you about music theory?

It certainly does! The platform is filled with content about the fundamentals and techniques you need to use to play piano. Furthermore, the online platform has a real-time feedback feature. This means it instantly gives you a response about the notes you are playing right and wrong.

Do Playground Sessions teach musical scales?

Yes! The virtual piano course gives you all the information you need about octaves, triad inversions, voicings, patterns, chords, melodies, scales, and more.

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