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Is iZotope Ozone 9 the best mastering plugin?

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Music has been the gateway to the soul for so many years. But some of that beauty was considered lost due to technological deficiencies. The original classics used to be on records, and these records shaped what would later be our understanding of music today. This article includes everything about my personal Ozone 9 review, which is the best mastering plugin.

iZotope is the leading company in audio restoration and mixing services. They were able to create the best software mastering plugin to help us master the music like never before. Their latest drop is called Ozone 9, and it comes with an extensive list of features.

This article will answer questions, such as: “How much is ozone 9?“, “What are the new features?“, and “is the plugin worth buying?

Let’s check these new benefits out in this Ozone 9 review!

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What is Ozone 9?

Ozone was created by the company iZotope with the purpose of editing music better. The software for Ozone is available in two different forms. You can use Ozone in its application form or as a plug-in, whichever suits your needs.

This audio technology company has multiple options for you to use, create, mix, and master the tracks. There are multiple options along with Equalizer, Exciter, and Spectral Shaper. With each update, the company has focused on creating new methods and software modules for further enhancing the experience. Users were thrilled with the drop of version 8, which introduced an Artificial Intelligence Master Assistant. The AI would create starting points for users according to the genre of music they listen to. The software was programed to do this. The software picks the users’ reference points by the genre they listen to.

iZotope always releases Ozone in three versions; the pattern was followed for Ozone 9 as well. These new versions are: Advanced, the Cut-down Standard, and Elements. All of these are priced according to the features they come with. The most beneficial-rich version of Ozone is advanced. You can even upgrade from Ozone 5-8 to Ozone 9. So if you have an older version, it is easier to convert to the latest version. The entire Ozone 9 price strategy is in tune with the company’s previous versions.

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Let’s talk about the changes to Ozone 9!

Izotope did a pretty good job at spicing things up. Some of these things are improvements to the user interface. Moreover, performance has been significantly increased, and several new functions have been added. The company also created a brand new feature to give full attention to low-end frequencies. This is one of the reasons why it is the best mastering plugin to use.

There is a lot to talk about, so let’s guide you through them in my Ozone 9 review!

A joy on the eyes

Users will notice the changes in the general user interface of the application. There is so much more visual parity with this version. The equalizer control panels are overlaying on the main display and are no longer present below. You can view all the equalizer bands from the main as well as other equalizers.

The overall feel of the User Interface is much smoother, and you can even resize corners freely. These new changes are one of the reasons why people want to buy Ozone 9.

More performance, lower the energy used

The performance of Ozone 9 has considerably improved. The software works even smoother and comes with more options for music mixing and mastering. The best part about this version lies in its energy consumption. Ozone 8 was not as feature-rich as this version but had a much more heavy energy consumption rate. Ozone 9’s software has been tuned very well. The power consumption levels have gone down significantly, so you can use your device for mastering your music efficiently.

Master Rebalance with Ozone 9

Ozone 9 comes with one of the most important and versatile features of this latest version. Master rebalance offers users the ability to pinpoint and select the specific part of the music they want to edit. You can use this option to edit anything from Drums, Vocals, or even Bass with just a simple click. The toggle for editing is a simple slider. The Master Rebalance is so efficient; it works every time and does not fail to amaze.

The Master Rebalance function also allows the user to do wonders with tracks. They can make under-mixed parts more prominent. It also offers control over dominant parts, so you can taper them according to your needs. These changes will not cause any issues or loss in quality or bits of the track.

Ozone 9 review master assistant

Enhance your focus with Low-End Focus

The Low End-Focus features come with two basic algorithms running in it. Punch and Smooth have been aptly named by iZotope. They bring the ability to govern the aggressive tones in the tracks. The contrast is controllable via a slider and can help in making the even painful sounds palatable. You can control transient sounds between 20Hz and any point between 49-300Hz. This is a huge advantage over other plugins, which makes it the best mastering plugin to purchase.

Solo with the Listen Function

Ozone 9 comes with the listen-to function, which effectively lets changes happen to the input and output. This function helps the user hear the changes that are being made while they are happening. This live-time hearing of the edits can help users taper more of their edits. This option in the Ozone 9 saves the user’s time and makes the process efficient.

Ozone 9’s improved Master Assistant

The previous versions of Ozone had this feature already perfected. This time, Ozone 9 comes with an even more enhanced, improved, and efficient version of the Master Assistant. It comes with a Vintage Mode; the feature builds on the Vintage Equalizer, Comp, and even the Limiter Module. Jazz, rock, and other forms of live music can experience these features’ benefits to their full.

Remove harsh frequencies with the Spectral Shaper

Ozone 9 comes with a spectral shaper feature. It is designed to reduce or completely eliminate harsh frequencies. It works like a de-esser, and you can use it at various sounds. Some of these are vocals, hihats, snares, and other high end sounds. That way, you won’t need an extra plugin for it, because Ozone 9 comes with a built-in feature. That is one of the reasons why I believe it is the best mastering vst.

Balance your mix well with Ozone 9’s Tonal Balance Control 2

This feature is designed to balance your mix correctly. You can easily give a final touch to your song with the help of the plugin. It comes with various presets, which can be used for any genre. Moreover, you can create a brand new preset, and save it for future use. Tonal Balance Control 2 comes with two different view modes. You can zoom in on specific area’s of the mix to find potential problems. It is possible to use gain and equalizing to give your song the perfect treatment.

How much is Ozone 9?

There are three versions available of the plugin. The Elements edition is the most cheap one, and the price is around $129.00. Furthermore, the Standard version costs around $249.00. This edition comes with options, such as: Match EQ, Vintage Modules, Dynamic EQ, and more.

Finally, to answer the question: “How much is Ozone 9 Advanced?”, the version’s price is around $499.00. This is definitely the best way to go, since you have all the benefits available to you. For example, the Master Rebalance feature is really helpful when it comes down to mastering your song. Moreover, the Spectral Shaper is a really good feature, and you won’t need another de-esser plugin. This saves additional costs and is in my opinion the best software for mastering.

It has the capability to adjust the volume of separate sounds in any audio file. This is even possible when the song is already an audio wave file. This makes it very easy to solve mix problems with the help of a simple gain change. That way, you won’t have to mess around with an equalizer.

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What do other musicians think of the mastering plugin?

iZotope did a pretty good job at delivering high-end mastering tools. Furthermore, music producers and engineers like to use a mastering bundle instead of individual plugins.

Below, you can find some reviews of other musicians. I have selected the most important ones to give you a clear view.

Product overview

  • Better and more refined User Interface
  • Master Assistant makes live genre editing better
  • Better performance and improvement in energy consumption
  • Master Rebalance is the top of spectral processors
  • You can edit the un-editable Low End-focus
  • Hear your edits live-time while you edit with the Listen Function
  • All of Ozone 9’s features are not available in the Standard and Elements versions, thus reducing the workability of the users
  • Ozone 9 price for the advanced version is $499
  • You may need more computer peripherals for the best experience

The trustworthy Ozone 9 review you needed!

This Ozone 9 review indicates the best features with one very prominent problem. The Ozone 9 price is high for the Advanced version as it is the only version with all the benefits. So if you buy Ozone 9 Elements or the Standard version, you will not get to experience all of the features. Those on a budget will be in a tight spot, so they need to be precise with their decisions.

I highly recommend to buy Ozone 9 Advanced version. These missing features can play a huge role in your mastering, and you don’t want to miss out on them. Some of the missing features are the vintage compressor, spectral shaper, tonal balance control, and additional EQ elements. These features are very easy to use and different from its competitors.

The plugin may be out of your budget, but you will get a lot for your money. Keep in mind that iZotope releases updates often, and these are instantly available to you. That way, the support is really high, and another reason why I believe it is the best mastering vst.

Press the button below to buy Ozone 9!

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Frequently asked questions about iZotope Ozone 9

You can find here the most frequently asked questions about the mastering plugin. I have written down my answers to them. That way, you can read all the information you need about the Ozone 9 review.

Did iZotope design Ozone Ozone 9 only for mastering purposes?

Yes, iZotope’s target was to design a plugin to make mastering much better and easier. This means that it is not primarily in use for mixing or other purposes. Keep in mind that you can use some features for mixing, but I won’t recommend it if you are a beginner.

Can I use Ozone 9 with any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)?

You can use the plugin in any DAW. Some of these DAWs are supportable, but not limited to: FL Studio 20, Ableton Live 9-10, Pro Tools 12.8-2019, Studio One 4, Logic Pro X, and Cubase 9-10.

Are the new Ozone 9 updates free?

All updates are available to members of the plugin. You need to login into the Product Portal on the official website of iZotope. Once you log in, the updates will be ready for download in your panel.

What are the system requirements for Ozone 9?

  • Windows 7 with the latest service packs
  • Windows 10 (64 bit version)
  • MacOS 10.11.6 El Capitan – 11.1 Big Sur (Intel only)

How to install Ozone 9 in Mac & Windows?

  1. Create an account or login on the official website of iZotope.
  2. Download the Product Portal App.
  3. Fill in your credentials into the Portal App. That way, you can start authorizing your software.
  4. The serial number for iZotope Ozone 9 can be found in your email. Please keep in mind that it can take a while for the email to arrive shortly after purchase. Furthermore, keep an eye out for your spam folders.

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