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Imagine you’re performing in front of thousands of fans and your music gets streamed worldwide. You can make a living out of your music, and you have lots of collaborations with huge artists. Sounds good, right? This is the dream most musicians have. They want to build their musical career, so they can grow as an artist.

In this article, I discuss everything about how to invest in your musical career. You will read how to use social media platforms to promote your music effectively. Furthermore, you will learn about what professional recording software to use as well as professional recording equipment.

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Professional DAW software

The use of a digital audio workstation (DAW) is really helpful. These software tools offer a variety of features, such as recording, editing and producing music files. Most DAWs supports MIDI instruments, which makes it easy to play live. DAWs have an user interface and a lot of sounds to choose from.

Not only can you use the default plugins, but also install third party plugins to stimulate the workflow. The software comes with a lot of audio effects, such as: equalizers, reverb, delays and distortion.

This means it’s important to start investing in professional software to kick-start your career growth.

Some examples of these software tools are: FL Studio 20, Ableton, Pro Tools and Logic Pro. These tools are easy to use and have a lot of features. For example, FL Studio has free updates for life and very good quality, when purchased. Ableton offers an honest price with a huge amount of sounds to choose from. Logic Pro from Apple offers great value and a tested and user-friendly workflow.

There’s a lot to experiment with, and YouTube has a lot of tutorials about these software tools. Use the search bar to find everything about the usage of effects or plugins for your desired DAW software.

Professional recording equipment

A song needs to sound professional for people to fall in love with it. Simple recordings with Windows Recorder or even recording with WhatsApp won’t do the trick. You will need professional recording equipment to create a professional sounding vocal.

A good investment in a studio microphone is a must for recording your vocal. The overall quality will be better, and it sounds more professional. Higher quality equipment offers it’s value well. You can check out here the best microphone for recording vocals.

Another way to invest in your musical career is to learn to play a new instrument. This will make it much easier for you to write new melodies and lyrics. It’s not too late to get started. I’ve written down an article about what the easiest instrument to learn is.

Use social media promotion for your musical career

Social media plays a huge part in our lives today. The platforms are everywhere, and we can’t go around it anymore. Need a tutorial for your newest software? Search for it on YouTube. Want to know what your friends are doing? Open the Instagram app and check their profile.

Social media becomes more popular by the day. This means the number of active users is increasing each day. So, it’s a good place to start promotion for your musical career growth. It’s a great start to follow the activity of your fans and gather more information about your target audience. Moreover, it is very easy to interact with other people with the help of social media. Not only can you like and comment on others, but also speak directly to your audience.

Start your own YouTube channel

As an emerging artist, it is important to have your own YouTube channel. This way you can upload new music and interact with fans. It also makes you look more professional and legit about your musical career. Try to upload consistently, so fans can rely on you. The platforms have a function to schedule new videos on a specific moment.

Keep in mind that content is the key to success. You need to start thinking about relevant content for your (potential) followers. Some examples are a behind-the-scenes look of music videos or vlogs. The last one is unique to fans as it gives them a deeper look into your daily life. Fans want to feel connected and rely on to their favorite musician. Vlogging is a great way to make things more personal.

YouTube SEO

Another great way to gain more views and subscribers is to use YouTube Search Engine Optimization. It’s a very easy way to optimize the process of organic traffic to your videos It’s important to optimize your title, description, tags and metadata to target new fans. It also gives a better chance for ranking in specific search terms.

The first step is to find keywords without high competition. Why? Because only the biggest channels are ranked on the popular keywords, This makes it impossible for you to rank your videos on the same keywords. You need to look for smaller ‘niche’ keywords in order to grow your YouTube channel.

I can highly recommend TubeBuddy when looking for the right keywords. The tool offers a simple keyword explorer which gives live information about your keywords. Not only gives it a clear view of the overall score of your channel, but it also gives suggestions for related keywords.

Use your Instagram profile the right way

Instagram has grown in the greatest platform for sharing videos and photos. The platform has over a billion of users and is used by most people in daily life. It’s a great platform to follow your favorite artists as well as family and friends. Moreover, Instagram has a lot of influencers with a powerful brand and dedicated fans. What if I told you that it’s possible to create the same brand with the right promotion?

Creating the perfect bio

The bio section of your Instagram profile acts as a business card. It is the first thing what potential fans will see on your profile. A clear Instagram bio helps you to speak directly to your audience and helps converting visitors into followers. A good bio consists of four lines that present you as an artist.

The first line should be about your offer. Who do you help? An example of this is: “I help beat makers to dominate the scene”. It directly says what you do as an artist. This is important, so visitors know what to expect from your profile when considered following.

The second line should be about how you help them. This means you need to state what your offer is or how your music is going to help the other person. You need to start thinking in the other person’s viewpoint. This way, you can understand what the other person wants from you. An example of this is: “Through elevating your mood”.

Now, the third line should be about your level of experience or authority. Tell about your work experience or how many people you’ve helped with your music. It’s okay to put numbers in this line to give it a better overview.

Moreover, the fourth line is the part where the call-to-action plays a huge role. You want to have your visitors to immediate act on something. This can be to stream your latest song or to participate in a competition. Some examples of a good call-to-action are: “STREAM my latest song below!”, “Go to my website!” and “Learn more about my music!”.

Designing the right profile picture

The profile picture puts a face behind the profile. The visitors will see who’s behind the account. It’s important to have a profile picture of your face. This creates more trust for new visitors, because they see it’s a real person behind the account.

Your profile picture should represent you and your brand. The background color must fit to your brand color. Also, the backgrounds needs to be calm and clear. Don’t use multiple colors or different effects for it. Keep it simple and understandable for new visitors.

Another option for a profile picture are logo’s or album artworks. These fit to your brand, but won’t create trust as much as a real face. Keep in mind that the size of a profile picture is very small on Instagram. You may need to crop the image to fit the right measures.

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Blow up overnight with TikTok

One of the mind-blowing developers in the music industry is TikTok. This platform is designed to create short videos for entertainment. Most of these videos are about trends, dances and helpful tips. The app has over 1 billion users worldwide and is used across 150 countries. TikTok has many successful music stories about artists blowing up on the platform.

Do you remember the hit: “Old Town Road’ from Lil Nas X? He used different social media strategies to make his content go viral. He understood what his fans wanted and filled their need. It’s important to give value to your followers. This way, they want to stick to you and interact with your content.

TikTok has an interesting algorithm. It’s built to give every uploaded video a chance of going viral. The platform has an engine which recommends your content to other users. If they like the content, it gets pushed out more to even more users. This creates a chain effect to attract a lot of new fans. Because of this algorithm, it’s possible for users without a high fan base to attract thousands of new fans.

Creating the perfect content for career growth

But what content should you post about on TikTok? How can this platform help my musical career?

Well, you can start by looking up what the latest trends are and participate with the challenges. You can find these new trends by simply scrolling through your feed. Don’t forget to check the hashtags of each content to get a better understanding of what’s the challenge about. It’s a great way to get your content pushed out more to other users.

Another way to promote your music on TikTok is to use it in your content. One way to do this is to create content and add your song to the video. Now will people see the name of the song above your post. It’s a great way to get more exposure on your music. The options are limitless, and you can create all types of content for the platform. Start by submitting your music to streaming distributions, such as: Distrokid and CD baby. This way, your music will be available and ready to use on TikTok.

Don’t use the platform for promotional content, like: “Stream here my latest single” or “” My new single will be available on this date”. Instead, use your song as a soundtrack for the content you create. It will be much more pleasant to watch, because the promotion won’t be directly in their face.

Start investing in your musical career the right way!

Professional software is a must when it comes down to good sounding vocals. Simple recorder apps won’t give the same results as software tools. These software programs offer a wide variety of plugins and effects ready to use. The internet has a lot of information about them, and YouTube is my favorite place to find tutorials.

Keep in mind that you’ll need professional recording equipment as well. A professional microphone will give your vocal a much cleaner sound, than cheap ones. It will also reduce the white noise from the environment and often comes with supported software.

Yes, professional equipment is more expensive. But, it’s definitely worth the price, if you’re serious about your musical career growth.

One way to find the right microphone for you, is to look on YouTube. Simply type in something like: “Best affordable professional microphones 2021” and a lot of related videos will pop up. Watch a few videos and compare the reviewed microphones. This is a great free way to find your desired professional equipment.

Social media is key to your musical career

These platforms are unthinkable from our society nowadays. Almost every person is active on one or two platforms. Some like to watch YouTube videos, as others like to scroll through laughing pets on TikTok.

Instagram and TikTok are both great platforms to reach other musicians or build a fan base. Start optimizing your biographic as well as profile picture. It needs to be eye catchy and recognizable. New visitors to your profile need to understand in a few seconds who you are as an artist and what they can expect of you.

Don’t forget to upload your music to TikTok. It creates the opportunity to use your music in new content videos. Try trending challenges out and use your music as soundtrack. The algorithm of TikTok makes it possible for every user to attract a lot of new fans to your music. Don’t overdo things and don’t create promotional videos about your songs.

A lot of people go to YouTube when looking for new music.

This means you need to start uploading your music to YouTube. Start optimizing your videos with the help of SEO. This means you need to use the right titles and hashtags. More potential fans will find your music much easier with the help of search engine optimization.

TubeBuddy is my favorite to go extension when doing so. It’s very user-friendly and easy to understand. The tool offers a wide range of features. One of them is a keyword explorer as well as finding matching hashtags. It gives a clear view of what keywords you should use related to your subscribers and traffic.

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