Is Panning Audio worth your time?

Music editing has changed the perspective of the entire industry. By editing the bass and the tone level, you can change the whole feel of it. Do you know what the best thing about these advanced editing options is? It comes from the ability to optimize and re-master old tracks with ease.

While most people edit the most notable parts of the audio, there is one often overlooked aspect. Panning audio is considered by many as a general waste of time.

Let’s find out if that’s true!

What is Audio Panning?

Sound is measured in a spectrum of waves, and these waves help us determine the quality and production of sound. The audio panning process allows the user to edit sounds and change their opposition from left to right in the spectrum.

What does it do?

Imagine listening to the audio, and you can feel the distance between instruments in its recording. Sounds interesting, right?…

Well, this is what panning audio does. It creates a space between the music’s tones. You can use that between the tones or introduce the different instruments used. You can even tune the music to mono-audio to listen to one aspect of the music from one ear and the other through the alternate ear.

Enhance your mix by panning audio

Do you want to know how to distinguish between a lousy mix and a great one?

Audio panning boosts the quality of your mix a lot. The difference could be essentially a significant increase in quality. It helps better understand the sounds and the various instruments present in the audio and eventually influences the quality of a mix. You can manipulate aspects of the music to make them stand out or fade.

So don’t fall for the myth;

Stereo pan your tones and groove on the waves.

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