Compressor in music production

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At the time of creating an audio file, compression plays a key role. With the help of dynamic range compression, you can normalize loud and quiet parts of any audio file. As a result, the music becomes soothing to the ear and feels more natural. Due to this reason, most audio engineers use compression when creating any audio file.

Why you should use compression

You need to use compression when the music file consists of both loud and quiet sections on the same audio track. The loud section of the music file is called Transients. When the sound becomes quitter, it is called decay. As an audio engineer, you need to balance these two elements to make the audio natural.

How to compress the right way

The primary goal of compression is to make the sound richer and more natural. For this reason, you need to consider a couple of factors before using compression.


By setting a threshold, you can limit the maximum range of any audio track. It is very useful when you need to blunt the loud section of any audio track. As a result, you can control aggressive transient sections of the audio track.


The ratio control uplifts the quieter section of the audio track. As a result, the audio track becomes vivid to the ears. The high ratio control also makes the quieter part of the audio track louder. For this reason, you need to modulate the ratio control to optimize the soundtrack.

Attack & release

By changing Attack & Release settings, you can control compression in different parts of the audio track. As a result, you can make any section of the audio track louder and some sections quieter. You need to use Attack & Release tool carefully to modulate the sound.

Final note

Compression is a powerful tool when used in sync with other audio tools. The right use of this audio tool makes music files vivid & richer.

Keep in mind that most DAWs, such as FL Studio 20 Producer Edition come with a stock compressor plugin. You can install a third-party plugin to have more features and/or options.

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