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Are you struggling to reach more fans? Do you want to grow your Instagram account, but aren’t sure where to start? This article includes everything you need to know about the ultimate Instagram growth guide. Moreover, I’ll share how to get reposted by bigger accounts, and how to use Instagram Reels the right way.

Did you know that the way how hashtags work on Instagram has been changed? It’s better to use three to five hashtags, instead of ten to thirty. I’ll share my personal hashtag strategy with you, so your accounts start to skyrocket to higher followers and interactions organically.

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Find 5 to 10 theme accounts to tag & DM for more awareness

The first technique of the Instagram growth guide is to start tagging around ten theme accounts, which are relevant to your content. Simply start by sending them a message with the question to repost you. If you don’t know what theme accounts are, let me explain it to you: these accounts are run by an individual who reposts content from other accounts. They don’t create their own content, but upload photos and videos of other content creators while offering them credit.

There’s a theme account in every niche, which makes it very easy to interact with them. For example, if you are in the photography branch, there are various amounts of theme accounts to be found. These can be narrowed down to niches like: wedding, portrait, landscape photography, and so on.

Once your content gets featured on some of these theme accounts, you start to see traffic to your profile. Most admins behind these accounts grow their account with this method. They post user-generated content from people like you and repost them to their stories and/or feed.

It’s a win-win for both of you, because your content reaches more users, and the admin makes money off monetizing the content.

Start building a relationship

Don’t forget to build a relationship with the people behind the theme accounts. When they decide to repost your content, it’s very important to keep the conversation going.

Start by politely thanking them for the repost and asking some general questions. Who are they? Where are they from? Do they have any goals with their Instagram account? It’s important to show interest to these people, as they appreciate it a lot, and they’re human beings as well.

Make sure you’re building trust and a relationship with the owners, as they can be your key to more exposure and success.

It’s important to start watching Instagram Reels as they have a lot of interesting features and ideas in them. You need to understand what makes Reels good, so you can jump on them.

Start by consuming the Reels content for about thirty minutes. Take a look at the effects being used in the content. What text are they using? Is the audio matching the video? What type of content do you see returning? Take note of these things as they give you a clear view of how Reels work.

Hashtags are beneficial in the Instagram growth guide

Hashtags are a great way to gain more awareness of your profile. It’s possible to follow hashtags within your niche, so you can start the interaction with other content creators. Instagram has given away new information about the usage of hashtags. They say it’s important to use your hashtags in the captions, rather than in the comments. That way, your content ranks more efficiently instead of putting all of your hashtags in the comment section.

However, the main account of Instagram didn’t mention why it’s important to put them in the caption. But the official creator account of Instagram did, so it’s better to just stick with it. I have tested it out myself, and I saw more traffic to my content coming. I believe this method works really well, and I would like to inspire you to do the same. Hashtags are an important feature for everyone, and should definitely be included in your own guide to Instagram growth.

How many hashtags should I use?

Finally, Instagram told us how many hashtags we should use for our content. Most people believed it was around ten to thirty hashtags, but this is not true. The official creator account of Instagram has revealed that only three to five hashtags are important. Instagram wants less spam on their platform, so that’s why they’ve decided to only use this number of hashtags.

Below I have written down my personal schedule when looking for hashtags. I highly recommend picking one hashtag from each size and saving them in your notes. You can create multiple groups of hashtags within your notes using this technique.

Keep in mind that you can’t use the same hashtags over and over again. Instagram will shadow ban your account for doing so. That’s why I recommend creating several groups of hashtags, so you can easily switch between others.

500k1 million
1 million>……….

Where do I find the sizes of the hashtags?

I’m glad you asked. You can type in any hashtag in the search bar on Instagram. Type in a relevant hashtag, and you should see many variations of it. There’s a number to be seen with the amount of posts it has. This number means how popular the hashtag is, and what size it is.

You don’t want to use only large hashtags, because your content will drop to the background very fast. Why? Because a lot of content creators are using this hashtag as well. That way, your content won’t get the attention since so many people are posting to this hashtag.

As you can see below, there are various amounts of hashtags available. The number underneath the hashtag name tells how popular it is being used. It’s important to mix up your hashtags, and pick one from the schedule I’ve written down in the previous subheading. Start organizing your hashtags into little groups, and save them in your notes.

instagram growth guide hashtags example

Now that you’ve written down several hashtags of different sizes, start organizing them into multiple groups. Below, you can find an example of how I’m organizing them:

instagram growth guide hashtag groups

The size of the first hashtag should be below 50k. The second one should be between 50k and 100k, and so on. At the end you should have a list of five hashtags with different sizes. This is the most efficient way to attract more followers to your content, according the new information from Instagram.

Use specific hashtags

Did you know you can create your own hashtags? It’s very helpful to use specific hashtags, so your fans know how to easily find your content. Start by using your own artist name, artist/producer tag, or your own quote as hashtag. You can even create a new hashtag about something that represents your brand. If you have a longer name, it’s possible to create a new hashtag with only the first letters of each word.

#OOTBSTIB (Onderkoffer On The Beat, So Twerk It Bitch)#goharder

Start adding Call-to-Actions to your content

A call to action (CTA) is a way to let people do something. You want the user to follow you or to check out your account. Some examples of these CTA’s are: “Follow me for more!”, “Follow us!”, “Click here to more”. It’s important to post the call to action as the first line in the caption. That way, every user will see it as Instagram only shows the first line of the description box.

If you’re using carousels as content, create a final post with a call to action to follow you. The users are sliding through the carousels until they see your final post asking them to follow you. This works really well, since they may be interested in more content from you. Make it clear what your offer is. If you are in the fashion branch, use a CTA-like: “Follow for more fashion tips”. If you’re a music artist, use something like: “Follow me for more music”.

Get creative with it and think like a human. Make it clear what you have to offer for potential fans, so they get interested in you or your account. Don’t make it complicated to ask for likes, comments, saves and a follow. This makes it overwhelming and unpleasant for the user, so they might leave your content. Pick a few of these features, and ask for them in your call to action.

Let’s crank those numbers up with this guide to Instagram growth!

You’ve now read about the best guide to Instagram growth of 2022. It’s very important to get in contact with theme accounts as well as mastering your hashtags. Moreover, a catchy call to action and the correct usage of Instagram Reels will significantly improve your rankings on the platform. The algorithm changes very often, and I’ll keep this article updated with the latest news.

One of the easiest ways to gain more traffic to your account, is to contact theme accounts. These accounts must be related to your content; otherwise they won’t repost your video or photo. Keep in mind to be polite to these owners as they’re humans as well. Start by tagging and messaging five to ten of these accounts, and send only high quality content. This will significantly increase your chances of getting featured on their Instagram account.

Another great way to see what can’t be excluded from the Instagram growth guide, is the correct usage of Instagram Reels. In order to master this, you need to understand what type of content is relevant and trending. My suggestion is to scroll through the Reels section for about 30 minutes. Take notice of all the things, that caught your attention. You should have a better understanding now at the way Reels are being used.

Not to forget, hashtags are a great tool to gain more awareness to your Instagram account. Start using them the right way with only an amount of three to five. Next, write down all the matching hashtags with your brand or content, and sort them by size. Finally, put all of your hashtags into multiple groups and save them, so you can use them easily in the future.

Finally, use an inviting call to action in your caption. That way, your potential followers will be triggered to check out more of your content. Keep it short but catchy. Don’t use many sentences as only a few words will to the trick.

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