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How you can find the right hip hop beat!

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You’ve written down a lyric for your next hit. You know what type of beat you want, and now you’re looking for the right hip hop beats for sale.

There are lots of ways to buy hip-hop beats to give your vocal the right treatment. Hip-hop beats for sale are mostly found on marketplaces that offer a wide range of moods and genres of instrumentals. These marketplaces have a lot of different types of music producers with all kinds of beats. Each producer has its own usage terms, so it is important to get familiar with it. Not only that, but hip hop producers are also active on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Let me break down some common ways to find rap beats for sale to take your hit to the next level.

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Use social media to find hip hop beats for sale

Social media platforms are growing by the day. A lot of people are signing up to these platforms in order to stay in touch with friends. These platforms offer a lot of options to meet new people. It’s also a great way to interact with producers from other countries to create new music. Take a look at major labels like Spinnin’ Records and Revealed Recordings. Most artists from these labels got in touch with each other with the help of social media.


This platform has been around for several years. Dozens of people are active on Instagram, which means there are producers among them. They post the latest beats on their account in order to gain more awareness.

One way to find these producers is to look for the right hashtags. What genre or mood are you looking for? Is it a hard UK Drill type beat or a relaxing lofi beat? Go to your Instagram app. Use the search bar and tap on the ‘tags’ button. Now you can search for any related styles to your written lyrics. Simply use terms like: #ukdrillproducer or #lofibeats. You can also follow these hashtags, so you won’t miss any posts from producers of new beats.

Another way to buy hip hop beats is to let producers find you. This might take some time, but it’s definitely worth it. Post a snippet of your vocal recording on your Instagram account. Make sure to use around twenty hashtags related to producers. This way, it’s easier for them to find you, since they will be on the platform each day searching for rappers to work with.


YouTube is one of my favorite places to find new music. According to statistics from the platform, users upload more than 500 hours of content every minute. This means there must be a lot of hip-hop beats for rappers to find as well. Which brings you to the next question: How do I find the right hip-hop beats?

To find the right beats for your next banger, simply use the search bar and type in any mood or genre. When doing this, the algorithm gives you more detailed search options, so it’s easy to find the right hip -hop beat. The top ranked videos will appear, and you can take a listen to these beats. Most of them have a direct buy link in the description to the rap instrumental. This way you can easily buy it or look for other beats from the producer. Don’t forget to check out his or her YouTube profile. They may have uploaded more beats to their account.

Find hip hop beats for sale on this website

Since you landed on my website, it’s quite obvious that I also offer rap beats for sale. I have various types of hip hop beats available. Some of these beats have a relaxing or sad lofi vibe. But I also produce aggressive beats like UK Drill. My producer skills aren’t limited to these genres. This means I can produce any hip-hop beat you want.

Send me a message, so we can discuss further details. You can find my social media accounts in the footer down below. I’m open to new ideas and I look forward to meeting you.

I have uploaded my hip-hop beats to this website, this way it’s easy to find them together. Just use the filters to quickly find the hip-hop beat you’re interested in. It is possible to filter by any name, genre, mood, name, type, and BPM.

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Music marketplaces

Websites such as Airbit and Beatstars are a marketplace where producers sell rap beats. Moreover, music producers offer a various amount of licenses, and giveaways of free beats. Both websites offer the opportunity to discover top chart beats. This is a list of the most rated hip-hop beats based on popularity. The genres vary from ‘dark trap’ to ‘sad acoustic guitar type beats’. There a tons of unique hip-hop beats ready to be found.

The website of Airbit and Beatstars is created in HTML5, which means the layout of the websites is optimized for mobile and desktop users. The beats from both websites will be delivered instantly, so there is no need to wait. It is possible to pay with credit card or other well-known online payment methods. It is very easy to buy any rap beat you desire. Are you looking for some hard hitting UK Drill beats? Simply use the search bar on Airbit and Beatstars, because it is well optimized to find anything you want.


The pricing of hip hop beats depends on the license of the music producer. Some artists offer only exclusive licenses, which means the hip-hop beat will be exclusively sold to the buyer. That way, other rappers can’t use the same beat, and the production gets taken down immediately when purchased. Keep in mind that the price of exclusive licenses is significantly higher than other licenses.

Other artists have all licenses available to buyers. A few examples of these licenses are the basic, premium, and unlimited ones. The basic license offers only the MP3 version, and the premium license offers both the MP3 and WAV files. The unlimited license offers the MP3, WAV, and track stems.

Stems are individual or multiple tracks from the hip-hop beat. Some examples of these are the drums, vocals, and bass. It is quite helpful to buy this type of license if you want to re-arrange the beat or mix it differently. Furthermore, the buyer has more flexibility with the stems during recording. They can simply boost certain elements of the beat in their headphones to help them stay more in rhythm.

Usage Terms

The licenses have a different type of agreement. All types of licenses can be used for recording. This means, the buyer is legitimately allowed to use it for performances without issues with copyright. Furthermore, there is a difference in the amount in distribution of copies. The basic license only allows the buyer to distribute up to 5000 copies, while the unlimited and exclusive most of the time offer an unlimited amount of copies.

All licenses offer the usage of music video, and radio broadcast rights. There is a difference in the amount of online audio streams. These can vary from 50.000 to unlimited online audio streams, depending on the license from the music producer.

Premium Beat

Beat license platforms such as Premium Beat have helped to influence the way of selling beats online nowadays. Premium Beat offers over 20.000 hip hop beats from over 1.000 producers. These platforms give you the opportunity to search for any mood or instrument that fits your style. Simply go to the website and use the search filters to buy some rap beats.

The company offers purchasers insurance and guarantees, which is a fundamental piece of their business cycle. The organization additionally gives the most significant level of client assistance for purchasers. Moreover, Premium Beat offers an unconditional promise that you just won’t get anywhere else.

Hip-hop beats for sale in studio

Start looking for the right hip hop beat for sale today!

You’ve now read where to look for rap instrumentals. Social media offers great opportunities to get in touch with hip-hop producers Both platforms still grow each day, which means more and more hip-hop producers are joining it. The use of hashtags is a critical tool for finding producers with the right sound. Don’t forget to use the search bar to specify your desired outcome.

Furthermore, Premium Beat is the place to be when searching for stunning hip-hop beats. The website has a lot of different rap instrumentals ready to be purchased. They offer buyer protection, so you are protected against deceptions. Their customer support scores truly as well. From what I see, it’s an incredible marketplace to begin with.

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