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It is the best EQ plugin?

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Equalizers are important utilities for any recording musician. They shape your sound, but they don’t make your sound. Given that FL Studio, EQs in Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and other DAWs are free and powerful, is it worth spending additional for the best equalizer plugin yet? This FabFilter Pro Q3 review gives you an honest look into the plugin.

FabFilter’s Pro Q3 is one of the best and also one of the most affordable EQ vst’s on the market. It offers a unique combination of surgical precision and musical flexibility that is perfect for both mixing and mastering. The interface is uncluttered and easy to use, making it a great choice for beginners and professionals alike.

Its predecessor Fabfilter Pro Q2, struggled a lot to become the reviewers number one EQ and were correspondingly fond of other FabFilter software. So, people were not shocked to see what tools FabFilter might have combined into the third iteration of its balancing plugin, but were also concerned. Pro Q2 stabilizes ease of use, amazing interface design, and excellent sound so precisely that we didn’t want to determine that Pro Q3 had pushed things too far to become over-complicated or clunky.

Whether you’re looking for the best mastering eq plugin or mixing plugin, Fabfilter Pro Q3 is an excellent choice. Furthermore, this Fabfilter Pro Q3 review tells you everything you need to know about this. It answers all of your questions, such as: “is FabFilter Pro 3 worth it?”. Furthermore, this article offers great value for the price and is a perfect choice for those on a budget.

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The Fabfilter Pro Q3 offers several features that make it an excellent choice for both mixing and mastering. The plugin includes a range of advanced features, such as dynamic EQ and spectrum analyzer, that make it a powerhouse for those who want to get the most out of their sound.

Features quick list

EQ Subtractive & low end cheatsheet for vocal chain
  • Proficient mastering-grade EQ plug-in with excellent sound quality
  • Up to 24 bands with an enormous range of filter types
  • 6-96dB/octave grades for all filter types
  • Very efficient dispensation and low memory usage
  • Undo/redo and A/B comparison
  • Adapts automatically to stereo, mono, and surround channel layouts
  • Intellectual band solo mode and multiband choice and editing
  • Monitoring real-time spectrum analyzer
  • EQ Match for imposing the tonal characteristics of one signal on another
  • Piano Display switches the frequency scale to musical note values
  • Mixing (12/30dB) display ranges and separate mastering (3/6dB)
  • High DPI support on Windows
  • Retina support on macOS and
  • Available in VST, VST3, Audio Units, AAX Native, and AudioSuite formats (64-bit, 32-bit)

So, these are the foremost new features that we have compiled for you in this Fabfilter Pro Q3 review. There are a lot of YouTube videos out there to see demos of numerous features, whether new, or old. Everything from Pro Q2 works similarly; you need to learn nothing new to use Pro Q3 short of the new features, and that’s a massive bonus.

The main things to consider while buying the eq are mid/side switch on each band, dynamics on each band which can drive above or pull below your curve activated by your set verge, and cross-track crash detection between all examples.

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 plugin for vocal chain

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Sound Quality/Performance

The Fabfilter Pro Q3 is a high-end equalizer plugin that is known for its excellent sound quality and sound performance. It offers a wide range of features and settings that allows users to fine-tune their sound according to their needs. This best mastering eq plugin also has great-sounding EQ presets that can be used for different purposes.

It features up to 24 bands of EQ including shelving filters, parametric filters, and high and low pass filters. Each band can be independently controlled for precise sound shaping. The Q3 also features a unique “Dynamic EQ” mode that boosts or cuts frequencies based on the volume of the incoming signal. This results in a more dynamic and muscular sound. It has a transparent and natural sound.

Overall, I was impressed with the sound quality and sound performance of the Fabfilter Pro Q3 equalizer plugin. It improved the overall quality of my mix. It is one of the most popular and best equalizer vst plugins among producers and engineers.

User Interface

The Pro Q3 plugin has a very user-friendly interface and it is very easy to use. It offers many features and options that allow the user to change the sound of the equalizer. It is visually appealing. It has 3 digital knobs for Frequency, Gain, and Q. Along these, it has options for MIDI, Natural Phase, and Pre/Post Analyzer. The user can perform on the audio curves in real-time.

The main window consists of two parts: the EQ graph and the control panel. The EQ graph shows you the frequencies that are being affected by the EQ. The control panel lets you adjust the Frequency, Gain, and Q, for each band.

The equalizer section allows you to boost or cut certain frequencies. The filter section lets you choose from different types of filters (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, etc.). The gain section lets you adjust the overall level of the signal.

You can also enable or disable each band. There are also several other useful features, such as the ability to solo certain frequencies, route audio to different output channels, and save your presets. Furthermore, it comes with a detailed user manual and I feel that this is among the best eq plugins.

The cost of the equalization plugin

While we’re talking about FabFilter, I thought I’d mention their loyalty discount program because in this age of continuous sales FabFilter hardly seems to offer products on sale, and I’ve seen a few individuals bash them online for it. But the actual price is $179; however, what they do all the time is reduce their product prices for their customers who have bought from them before.

The more you have purchased, the greater the discount going forward. There is no alteration between purchasing five of their plugs all at once or purchasing five one at a time over some time. Each succeeding buying is cheaper until you eventually reach 55% off. Such loyalty discounts are always there and can be availed with any different promotions automatically so long as you are registered into your account.

This is one of the reasons why I believe FabFilter Pro Q3 is worth it.

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 plugin for vocal chain

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What do other music producers think?

The plugin is very popular among musicians. It has more options than stock plugins, and is much more accurate. I have found some reviews from other people to give you an honest view on the best eq vst.


The plugin has a very natural-sounding EQ curve that is perfect for taming problematic frequencies. It also offers a unique mid/side mode that allows you to process the mids and sides of the stereo field separately. This can be very useful for creating a wider or more focused sound.

It’s packed with features, including a new Spectrum Grab feature that makes it easy to identify and isolate problem frequencies. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, and the sound quality is impeccable. The plugin has a very intuitive interface that makes it easy to get great results quickly. Fabfilter Pro Q3 is the best equalizer vst. It sounds fantastic and it has a ton of features.

Pros quick list

  • Effective employer interface showing what you need and when you need it
  • Instinctive from the first use
  • Clean sound
  • All-inclusive feature set
  • Regular Collision feature to help decrease masking
  • Stretchy spectrum presentation with cross-plugin spectra

Moreover, Fabfilter Pro Q3 is a versatile yet the best mastering eq plugin. It sounds great on a variety of different sources, and it’s easy to use.

If you’re looking for the best EQ plugin for vocals that can do it all, then the Fabfilter Pro Q3 is the one for you. However, it’s important to be aware of its potential drawbacks before you purchase it. If you’re willing to put up with a few quirks, then the Pro Q3 is worth buying.

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 plugin for vocal chain

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Fabfilter’s Pro Q3 is one of the most popular and best equalizer vst on the market, and for good reason. It sounds great, it’s easy to use, and it has a ton of features. However, there are a few drawbacks that you should be aware of before you purchase it. First and foremost, it’s important to note that the Pro Q3 is a bit of a CPU hog.

If you’re running a lot of other plugins or tracks in your DAW, you may find that your system starts to lag when you add the Pro Q3 into the mix. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re in the middle of a race against the clock to get your project finished.

Another downside of the Pro Q3 is that it doesn’t play nice with all plug-ins. In particular, it can conflict with third party plugins If you’re using both of these in your workflow, you may find that they cause each other to crash or produce strange results. This is because some third party plugins are poor designed, which causes conflicts, and audio flukes with FabFilter.

Cons quick list

  • Prices can be considered as high
  • Some flukes in the user interface to get used to

Finally, some users have reported issues with the Pro Q3’s licensing system. If you upgrade your DAW or change computers, you may find that the Pro Q3 stops working and you have to contact Fabfilter customer support to get it sorted out.

This can be a major pain, especially if you’re in the middle of a project and can’t afford to take a break to deal with technical issues. It is also not the cheapest EQ plugin on the market. This means that you’ll need to spend a lot of money, though. Fabfilter Pro Q3 is definitely worth the price, and one of the best equalizer plugins to use.

Product overview

  • Effective employer interface showing what you need and when you need it
  • Instinctive from the first use
  • Clean sound
  • All-inclusive feature set
  • Regular Collision feature to help decrease masking
  • Stretchy spectrum presentation with cross-plugin spectra
  • Prices can be considered as high
  • Some flukes in the user interface to get used to

What famous artists are using the plugin?

A lot of professional musicians, mixers, artists, and engineers are using FabFilter Pro Q3. You can find the most known ones below:

  • Dave Pensado
  • Sigala
  • Chris Lake
  • Disclosure
  • Greg Wells
  • Fedde Le Grand
  • Dyro
  • Hardwell
  • Flux Pavillion
  • Noisia
  • Morgan Page
  • Tiësto
  • Martin Garrix
  • Deadmau5
  • Skrillex
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Timbaland
  • W&W
  • Charlie Puth
  • Headhunterz
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Firebeatz
  • And more!

The FabFilter Pro Q3 review you needed!

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The FabFilter Pro Q3 is one of the best EQ plugins I’ve ever used. It is an excellent tool if you are a mixer, a mastering engineer, a tracking engineer, or involved in post-production. It is also the best eq plugin for vocals, because you can EQ very accurately. Furthermore, you can make small cuts in the vocal to remove any unpleasant, and harsh frequencies. Furthermore, you can boost the high end of the vocal to give it more air and clearity.

The workflow, depth, sound, and ease of use of this program are unparalleled. Fabfilter Pro Q3 is a bit CPU intensive, so you’ll need a powerful computer to run it. Keep in mind that most devices are fast enough to run the best eq vst.

Additionally, it’s not the cheapest EQ plugin on the market. You’ll need to be prepared to spend a bit of money to get your hands on it. Lastly, FabFilter Pro Q3 isn’t compatible with all DAWs. You’ll need to make sure that your software is compatible before you buy it. Overall, FabFilter Pro Q3 is the best EQ plugin to get started with. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase it. I am also sure that this FabFilter Pro Q3 review has made you aware of its good features, and why FabFilter Pro 3 is worth it.

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 plugin for vocal chain

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Frequently Asked Questions about FabFilter Pro Q3

I came across some questions from other users. You can find them with the right answer down below.

Will my license expire anytime?

No, all licenses from FabFilter are for lifetime use. Furthermore, the licenses are meant for one person. You can not resell it to another person.

How do I install the plugin?

FabFilter did an excellent tutorial on the installation process. They created several installers to make things easier for you. Please follow this link to use the right installer for your computer.

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