What are the best guitar plugins?

These are the finest guitar VST's of 2022!

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Guitars are used a lot in nowadays music, and the amount keeps growing. Guitars have a really pleasing sound, and everyone can start using them. There are a lot of different guitars to choose from, and I have the best best guitar plugins written down below.

Some of these guitar vst plugins are free to use and easy to set-up. Moreover, these guitars have the best sound quality, and have various effects ready to use. Are you looking for the best guitar for creating the perfect bass line? Or are you looking for that old vintage guitar vibe? This article includes everything about the best guitar plugins you need to start using in 2022!

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Electric Vintage is one of the best guitar plugins

This guitar is one of the best electric guitar vst’s. Native Instruments, the creator behind the plugin, did a pretty good job at emulating a hand-picked single coil electric guitar from the year 1958. The sound of this plugin sounds really realistic and warm, which gives your song a really humanized feeling.

One thing I like about this plugin is the many presets it has. It is possible to use this plugin for any genre you want to produce. The guitar plugins come with a total of 46 different sound presets varying in distortion, reverb & delay, modulation, studio fx, and amps & cabs. This way, it is totally up to you how you want to tweak your sound.

The music library contains 90 different strumming patterns, 16 reverse patterns, 92 picking patterns, 33 riffs, and a melody instrument with expanded sample content. These patterns can be combined to create new ones. Be creative and try different patterns out. For example, try to pan different guitar midi’s to the left and the right to improve the stereo field of your song. Another way to get started is to layer different midi’s to create a powerful sound. This is why this plugin is the best electric guitar vst to use.

electric vintage guitar icon

Download the Electric Vintage guitar here!

Download the most realistic electric guitar!

Best acoustic guitar VST – Ample Guitar M Lite II

Best guitar plugins acoustic guitar

This plugin is the best acoustic guitar vst, and is quite popular among musicians and producers. The sound quality of this plugin is absolutely great with super rich tones, detail, and clarity. The Virtual Studio Technology(VST) uses real strum samples with 14 strum notes, and there are 28 ways to play any chord.

There is also the possibility to use effects on the acoustic guitar from inside the plugin. These effects vary from compression to reverb, and it is up to you how much you want to tweak the guitar. Keep in mind that the default settings are a really good starting point. It is not required to tweak any knobs, but feel free to tweak the sound to your own taste.

The lowest note which can be played is the ‘E’. This is not a huge problem, but some people prefer to play some lower notes when creating a melody with chords. Keep this in mind when you’re using the guitar as the main lead or synthesizer. If you want to put the chord progression one octave lower for the second part of the drop.

Strum effect

Another reason why this guitar is the best free vst, is because it comes with a strummed effect, so any chord you play sounds realistic immediately. This is one of the reasons why this plugin is so good. Most free guitar plugins nowadays sound very robotic and unnatural. Now I hear you thinking, how is that possible? That is because it is played on a computer without hummanization. The computer plays every note of a chord perfectly at the same time, and it stops at the same moment. This gives the chords an unnatural and ‘too perfect’ sound.

It is important to use realism to your guitar sound, so it sounds more pleasing to listeners. If you ever played an instrument, chances are you know that not every note hits the beat perfectly. This is the realistic sound I am talking about. When a music band is playing live, the sound of each instrument sounds very enjoyable because of the realism it gives to the listeners. This acoustic guitar is designed to give hummanization and realism to any chord, so that’s why it is a very good free plugin to use.

Do you want to know more about instruments? Check out this article about what musical instruments are the easiest to learn.

acoustic guitar icon

Use Ample Guitar M Lite II for free!

Start using the most strummed & natural guitar!

Best bass guitar VST – Ample Bass P Lite II

The sound of this guitar is perfect for bass lines. Some people tend to create Lo-Fi tracks with soft piano chords and cozy drums, but use a heavy bass, which ruins the track. That’s why this is the best bass guitar vst to use. The sound of it is very subtle and pleasant. It also sounds very realistic and the plugins comes with lots of options.

For example, it is possible to change the attack and release time of the notes. Moreover, the plugin has the possibility to toggle the fret sound. This is used as an effect to give the guitar a more ‘out of tune’ sound. This function comes in handy when producing vintage genres like: Lo-Fi and Jazz.

Don’t be limited to the sound of the guitar itself. It is totally up to you to put some effect on it, as this will give the bass more warmth. For example, try a saturator to give the bass more warmth and a thicker sound. Compression does wonders as well and even a equalizer gives you the option to fully tweak the sound to your desires. This is why this guitar is one of the best guitar plugins.

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Use Ample Bass P Lite II for free!

Start creating the perfect bass lines!

Best guitar VST for metal – Ample Hellrazer

Best guitar plugins ample hellraizer

This is the best guitar plugin to go for metal influences. The plugin is based on a nine-string electric guitar called the ‘Schecter Hellraiser’. Moreover, it has the best metal realistic sound to fit any song. It comes with the possibility to use legato slides with palm mute. Moreover, it has natural harmonic, and legato at random length, pitch, and delay. This gives a really natural sound to the metallic guitar, because it is based on the reality of a person playing the guitar in real life.

The creators of the plugin included the newest update, which contains, well-known classic amp models. Furthermore, the update includes seven matching cabinets, eight microphone options, and mixing effects as well. All of the above can be used to tweak the sound of the guitar to your wishes. Start trying each model out, and create your own sound with the fine-tuned options.

Find inspiration quickly

The River Area is the part where you can be really creative. It is possible to draw in any notes you’d like. Start creating your own melody and let the guitar play it. Another way to quickly find inspiration is to click the dice button below. Insert what scale you want to use, and click on the dice icon. Next, a random melody pops up in the notes area. This really helps to find inspiration for a new song without wasting a lot of time.

This guitar comes with the option to use two extra octaves. Start by enabling the octave button on your MIDI keyboard, and acces the lower or higher notes. These notes can be used to fill up the frequency spectrum of the guitar sound. A great way to fill up your sound, is to layer it with another octave. Start by copying your melody to a lower or higher octave, and listen to the result. The sound of the guitar should now sound a lot thicker with both layers playing. That’s because the sound of the guitar is now more filled and layered with more frequencies.

metallic guitar icon

Download the Ample Hellrazer here!

Start rocking with this plugin!

These are the best guitar plugins to start using right now!

You’ve now read what the best guitar plugins are. These guitars can be used for any purpose to fit your next song. Moreover, these guitar vst plugins have the best sound quality and are easy to use. Are you looking to play an electric guitar with tons of options? The electric vintage guitar from Native Instruments is the best way to go. This plugin has 46 different sound presets, which gives a lot of different methods to use.

Another great plugin is the acoustic guitar. It has a really realistic sound, which is pleasing to listeners. People like to hear live instruments and this best free guitar vst is doing a great job at doing so. The plugin comes with 14 strum notes, and the possibility to use effects. The default setting of the acoustic guitar sounds already great, but it is possible to tweak the sound more to your desires. This acoustic guitar is one of best guitar vst’s at the moment, and it belongs to the free guitar plugins as well!

These plugins are also available for popular DAWs, like FL Studio 20, Ableton, Logic Pro, Cubase and more.

Don’t forget to check these out as well

If you’re looking for a guitar to create bass lines, the Ample Bass P lite II is the best free guitar vst to use. This plugin has a pleasing and realistic sound, which is perfect for any track. Like mentioned before, realism is very important in digital music. You don’t want to have your song or project sound robotic, because that doesn’t sound real. The bass guitar comes with a fretted sound option. This makes the sound of the guitar more ‘off tune’. This is perfect for vintage genres like Lo-Fi or Chillhop. Don’t hesitate and start using this bass guitar, because it is one of the best free vst’s to use right now!

The metallic guitar from Ample Sound is perfect for rocking influential music. This guitar sounds really good and comes with a lot of different options. The creators of the plugin did a good job at giving the guitar a realistic sound. That way, it sounds like a real human playing on the guitar. Moreover, the metallic guitar comes with the possibility to use more octaves. This is great, because you can layer your melody with a lower or higher octave one. This gives your melody and the guitar more thickness, and a fuller sound. If you are looking for a metallic guitar, then this is the best guitar vst for metal to use!

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