What are the benefits of playing piano?

How you can improve your health while playing the piano!

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We all know the power of music. It connects us with other humans, and we can fully relax to it. Not only does music elevate your mood, it also improves your health and your heart. We can easily play various instruments as human beings, and this article includes everything about the benefits of playing piano.

Did you know that listening to soft music helps people eat less? People eat slower when there is soft music playing in the background. It’s a psychological trick that helps people eat less, which results in more weight loss.

Furthermore, music boosts your overall workout performance. Music triggers a release of dopamine inside our brain. This is more known as the happy hormone. Ever listened to loud music when you lifted weights? I bet you can lift a lot more when listening to some good hitting music!

Not only can we listen to music; we can also play it. We as human beings can, for example, play the piano to create new music. This skill has some significant improvements to your brain. Not only does it allow our brains to multitask; it also increases the bridge between the right and left sides of the brain. These piano benefits are huge, since it has a significant boost in memory and multitasking.

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Reduce of stress is one of the benefits of playing piano for adults

Did you know that playing the piano relieves stress? Stress is something more and more people encounter nowadays. It has a negative impact on our lives, and it can cause a significant amount of insomnia and clinical depression. Not only that, but it can also lead to unwanted weight loss and excessive alcohol and/or drug abuse.

One of the benefits of playing piano for adults is the decreased amount of stress symptoms. When you play the instrument, it requires a lot of concentration. It’s much more than just pressing the keys. You have to focus on things such as rhythm, note duration and tempo. This requires a huge amount of multitasking. This way, you can’t think about something else, since your whole brain is focused on playing the instrument. Did you know that playing the piano activates all brain parts at the same time? This is a huge advantage of playing piano for adults.

The benefits of learning piano for adults on the brain

The human brain consists of two parts: the left and right hemisphere. Each part is responsible for various activities. Researchers compared regular activities, such as reading and writing, to listening or playing music. The participants were connected to a monitor which measured the brain activity. The machine could tell what part of the human brain was in use while performing an activity.

Researches found that simple activities such as talking were only using a very small part of the left hemisphere brain. A bit more intensive activity such as drawing was only used by the right hemisphere of the brain. Things got interested when the researches connected a musician to the monitor of brain measuring. It was found that multiple parts of the brain were processing information simultaneously. There was a huge amount of interrelation, fastness, and order noticed in the brain activity. This means that the brain of musicians is better developed in a more efficient and capable brain.

Playing the piano is considered a full brain workout. The participants of the experiment had a huge benefit on learning new skills, and languages. For example, participants experienced significantly advantages when playing piano. They were able to memorize melodies and notes better than non-musicians. Not only that, but musicians were also able to multitask certain tasks much better. These benefits of learning piano for adults are huge, and definitely worth it. These benefits also applied to other activities, such as tennis and yoga.

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Small practices are worth it

When playing the piano for only one hour a week for months, has a huge positive impact on growth and increased activity in both parts of the brain. The memory, hearing, and motor function all seem to increase positively. Some researches even concluded that practicing music can add up seven points or more to your IQ. These people have a better communication between the left and right hemisphere of the brain. This benefits the way of processing emotions, and creative problem-solving. This is because the corpus callosum of musicians is larger than others. Because of this, the left and right hemisphere communicates much better to solve problems.

Playing piano has also benefits to your health. Did you know that playing an instrument increases the immune system? Not only that, but it also increases resilience to hearing loss. Researches found that just listening to music can boost the repair and regeneration of damaged nerves in the brain.

Playing the piano is beneficial for any age

For children, playing the piano is beneficial for developing self-esteem and discipline. When a child practices on the piano every day, it gives a boost in perseverance as well. Another great benefit of learning piano is the improvement in intelligence, physical well-being, and the brain.

Furthermore, the instrument improves their emotional intelligence. It develops better listening skills, which play a huge role  in human relations. Emotions aren’t always expressed through body language. Tone of voice is also an important part of communication. The speed and the sound of someone’s speech expresses the nonverbal communication.

Adults experience a positive number of benefits when playing piano. It reduces certain diseases, such as: depression, insomnia, and fatigue. One benefit of playing piano for adults is an increase in memory capability; thus adults are more likely to remember events and daily routines.

Playing the piano stimulates the brain. It activates all parts of the brain simultaneously when learning and practicing new songs. You are also able to memorize audio information quicker and become a better listener. Music is a great therapy for preventing memory loss and decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Piano and mindfulness

One of the other benefits of playing piano for adults is cultivating a deeper awareness when hitting the keys. Learning the piano requires a lot of concentration. This is exactly what mindfulness means. It is taught to reduce stress and acquire a high level of concentration. Pianists need to be able to feel the emotions about the song. This way they can more easily express the emotional feeling of the music.

Also, mindfulness has a positive effect on pianists. It can provide health benefits and greater players. Mindfulness can reduce: chronic pain, lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and improve sleep. Besides, mindfulness is known for significant improvement in success and higher grades. Practicing it for a few minutes results in better emoticon regulation and increased curiosity.

Live a more pleasing and healthy life

As you now know, is playing piano beneficial for your health. Not only does it reduce diseases such as: stress, depression, and insomnia, but it also gives a boost to the memory capacity.

Learning the piano is not limited to age. Children and adults have huge advantages of playing piano. It improves the overall discipline and self-esteem of children. Besides, playing the piano reduces health problems like lower blood pressure and memory loss. These diseases are more likely to develop at older ages. These piano benefits are great for everyone to train their brain. It’s like a full body exercise for the brain, because every part cooperates to measure and connect the melodic notes together at a quicker speed.

Furthermore, playing the piano gives the same feeling as meditation. It gives a pleasant feeling and a very calm state of the unconscious mind. This helps people who suffer from anxiety or depression. Besides, people who play the piano are more likely to stay calm in conversations with others. Also, you have a better chance of falling asleep at night.

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